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Who would be the worst Rivalry Night opponent for the Sabres?

July 31st, 2017 at 1:55 PM
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Earlier today, NBC Sports announced their 2017-18 TV schedule, which “features” a game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Columbus Blue Jackets as a part of their Wednesday Rivalry Night series. This was met with a collective, “Huh?” from the hockey community, as there isn’t much obvious beef between the two teams.

For years, Rivalry Night has had questionable matchups, but this might be the worst one from as Sabres perspective that I can remember. And that got me thinking, if we could make the absolute worst, makes-no-sense game for the Sabres on Rivalry Night, who would be the opponent?

Using a process of elimination, let’s go through the entire NHL to find the most pointless Rivalry Night game we can.

Teams that are actually rivals with the Sabres

The most obvious teams that would ruin our fake Rivalry Night by being actual rivals of the Sabres would include the Maple Leafs, the Senators, the Bruins, and the Canadiens. There are some other teams we could include here but but we’ll get to them later.

National teams that are natural rivals for anyone

Here we find the Penguins, Flyers, Rangers, Red Wings, Capitals, Kings, and Blackhawks. Whether it’s seeing them too often on national TV, hating your choice of …

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