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Eichel clarifies his Bylsma comments

April 19th, 2017 at 5:45 PM
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Jack Eichel

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Earlier today Paul Hamilton dropped a bombshell that Buffalo Sabres star center Jack Eichel had supposedly said that he wouldn’t be signing a contract extension if Dan Bylsma was going to continue as coach of the Sabres.

Another local hockey journalist John Vogl got in touch with the player and asked him to clarify some of the comments that were being attributed to Eichel, purportedly made during his exit interview with General Manager Tim Murray.

Here are the notes from Vogl’s Q&A, courtesy of The Buffalo News

Vogl: Where do you even want to start?

Eichel: “Wherever. It just said I’m playing for the U.S. in the world championships. Obviously, that’s a good thing for me.

“I think a lot of things have been written today about me and about things that are not true, to be honest with you. Reading some of these things, I was a little bit bombarded this morning with a lot of articles that I think are pretty inaccurate. I’m just reading things in the last few days that are a little bit out of whack and not true. It just bothers me more than anything that it’s not coming out of my mouth and somebody’s writing things that’s not true at all.”

Vogl: “Let’s start with this morning then. I talked to your agent and he said you’re hurt by all this stuff. I can imagine if, like you’re saying to me, it’s stuff you didn’t say and it’s being reported that you said it. How hurtful is that and what were you thinking when you starting seeing these things?”

Eichel: “First, when you see that people are writing these things and saying that you said these things, my first thought is where are they getting this information? If it’s not coming out of my mouth and I didn’t verbally say it to you or anybody, then where are you getting this information? Second of all, why are you writing it and trying to back yourself up on it?

“I was just more than anything bothered because I thought leaving Buffalo last week, obviously frustrated with the way the season ended. If I were to do over my press conference at the end of the year, I probably should have shown some better body language. It’s just so fresh in your mind. Mentally, it’s quite frustrating, and it’s quite frustrating for all of us on the team. If I showed that frustration a little bit more than other guys in my end-of-the-year meeting, then that’s how I am. I think my agent said that I wear it on my sleeve, and I do to a point. I’m an emotional guy. When you want to succeed and you want to do well and that doesn’t work out for you, it definitely …

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