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NHL, NHLPA to Resume Discussions Tuesday

November 5th, 2012 at 10:15 PM
By Anthony Custode Jr

The two sides in the bitter NHL labor dispute are set to reconvene Tuesday after meeting this weekend.


Both sides of the dispute have a renowned sense of optimism as talks appear to be heating up. The NHL has agreed to honor more of the existing contracts that players signed before the lockout began, but the player's association wants the league to cover all of the contracts  that currently exist.

A sense of urgency is an understatement for the NHL and the player's association as the league has already canceled two months of the season, along with the Winter Classic, which has become the league's most popular regular season game. The league and its players are at risk of losing yet another full season as they did in 2004. 

While fans have heard both sides say the right things with no new deal it can be frustrating to hear about the sides talking regarding the CBA. However, talking between the two sides is the first step in coming to an agreement.

Hopefully for fans, players and the league, a deal can be agreed upon soon, and an abbreviated season can commence. 

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