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NHL Lockout Forces Hockey Starved Fans to Get Their Fix Elsewhere

October 31st, 2012 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

As the NHL lockout settles in for the long haul, fans of the league are forced to look elsewhere to curb their hockey craving. 

Many fans have resorted to watching AHL games when they have the chance, which are loaded more with NHL talent these days. 


Other fans, however, are looking at the youth hockey leagues in their area as a way to scratch the itch. USA youth hockey is continuing to grow, and while the highest level has shut down because they are having trouble splitting billions of dollars, children across the country are playing the game they love for no monetary gain whatsoever. 

My son, Devin, began playing hockey for the first time this year at Niagara University. While he is just in the instructional program, the atmosphere around the rink while he is on the ice with his group is electric. The looks on the faces of all the parents are that of pride. The children give it their all on the ice and when they come off the ice, they're all smiles. 

This brings us to the depressing fact that is the NHL lockout. Players who are being paid to play a game they love, are not playing due to the amount of money they are being offered to play. Naturally, they are not the only ones to blame in the dispute. The owners, led by Gary Bettman, have continuously tried to low-ball the players and gain public approval by releasing certain details of a proposal to the media. 

The fact is, the players and owners will eventually come to a deal and begin making enormous amounts of money through the game of hockey. The real losers in all of this are the fans of the league. As Devin continues to ask, "When are they going to stop arguing about money?"

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