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NHL, Buffalo Sabres to See Shortened Season; Islanders to Brooklyn

October 25th, 2012 at 11:17 AM
By Mike Matisz

With the NHL labor lockout still intact, league Commissioner Gary Bettman has announced that the feels that the chances of an 82-game season are all but gone. 

After the NHL offered a 50/50 split of revenue with the players, which was later declined by the players association, the deadline has come where the league no longer sees an 82-game schedule as feasible. 

"Obviously as you know we made an offer to the Union last week to share revenues 50-50 and to deal with the so-called 'make whole' provision that was contingent on playing an 82-game season, which we believe [would require that we] drop the puck Nov. 2, which would necessitate making a deal by [Thursday]," Commissioner Bettman said to "The Union has chosen not to engage on our proposal or to make a new proposal of their own, so unfortunately it looks like an 82-game season is not going to be a reality."

With that being said, the NHL will now look into options for shortening the season for condensed play should an agreement be reached.

Another announcement came Wednesday with the New York Islanders moving from Long Island to Brooklyn starting in 2015. The move to the brand new stadium which currently houses the Brooklyn Nets, will be a major upgrade for the Islanders.

It has been announced that the team will not change its name or logo.

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