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Buffalo Sabres Near Bottom in Pro Sports Spending Efficiency

September 5th, 2012 at 2:00 PM
By Paul Lane Sabres 101

The Buffalo Sabres are among professional sports' least efficient franchises, according to a recent analysis.

Business Week released its annual profile of how well the 122 teams in the four major sports spend their money.

The Sabres came in 94th overall. The rankings take into account four categories: payroll, regular season wins, wins over .500 and playoff wins. The Sabres' five-year averages were:

  • $55.8 million payroll, NHL average $51.7 million
  • 41.4 regular season wins, average 41
  • 1.2 wins over .500, average 2.65
  • 1 playoff win, average 2.91

The Bills had an overall efficiency rating of ..7874, good for 23rd in the 30-team NHL; the lower the score, the less a team spends for a win. The Detroit Red Wings led the NFL with a rating of -1.4805.

The top five teams in pro sports are the Tampa Bay Rays, Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Lakers. For context, the New York Yankees were 99th. Coming in last are the St. Louis Rams. The Buffalo Bills were just ahead of the Sabres at No. 93.

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